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We are the Best Cosmetic Manufacturers. Designing and creating your own products and selling them on e-commerce sites is an adventure in itself. Once you have the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), your e-commerce SEO strategy and e-commerce PPC will help you get the initial traffic that leads to More Turnover Your Company.
But what if you didn’t have to spend time making your own products? Is there a way to make a profit without developing a new product? Yes, it’s called private labeling. Own brand means selling a product to another company where one company sells the product under another brand name. At Palmist Skin care we provide you with All the services that you need for building and setting up your Brand.

Why the pH Balance of Your Skin Care Products Matters So Much
Why the pH Balance of Your Skin Care Products Matters So Much



Here Are The Steps That You Can Follow To have Better Experience For Private Skin Care Packaging.

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1 Product planning and testing

The planning phase of any business is the key to the success of any product. Each piece of the puzzle, such as formulation, packaging, branding, marketing and distribution, is a key element of a successful product. From packaging to the target audience, of cosmetic Manufacturers our experts can help you at every stage. We know how important it is to you to be able to test a product that represents a brand or company name. You need to ensure that the products you offer are absolutely the best in terms of quality and performance. A friendly customer service representative will guide you through the product selection and sample ordering process.

2 Select a package from the stock collection

Private Label offers one of the widest storage packages on the professional market. We work with premium package suppliers to ensure that the packages on which your products are sold are reliable, stylish and of high quality. Combine our many collections to create your own look With Palmist cosmetic  Manufacturers. For packaging inspiration, it’s a good idea to book to go to a showroom with over 100 packaging samples from various suppliers. Once you have determined your packaging and label options to your exact specifications, place an order with a cooperating package supplier daily and ship directly to your warehouse. Stores packages for products for which an order is pending or for which you have created a sample with an order history. Bet sizes range from ¬£ 5,000 to ¬£ 60,000, depending on the size and quantity of your order.

3 Unleash your creativity and name your product

Custom names and descriptions help you create your own products with Palmist cosmetic Manufacturers that you can use to market and promote your line. This is especially beneficial for customers looking to grow their product business into a standalone skin care or hair care brand. Customers can also color-code product labels to provide bilingual label content.

4 Creating Logo & Product Label & Production

Whether you are just starting out or have an existing brand, our expert graphic artists will help interpret your logo vision into a finished product label design. Our editing and approval system make finalizing your prototype designs and finished labels inclusive and simple. A streamlined graphic review and set up process can take  few days. Max Private Label carries out your design, labels and screen printing, packaging, secondary packaging (boxes, bags etc.) Start to finish label included. After you have placed your order for production, Palmist Cosmetic Manufacturers will send an invoice for 50% nonrefundable deposit. This will cover all costs for our purchasing department to place orders for all raw materials and packaging requires/requested to produce your product. Lead times vary based on vendors, ingredients, location and more. Once all components have arrived at our facility, meaning ingredients, packaging, labels etc. We can begin the production phase. We will create large batch sizes of your approved samples. Throughout production we pay close attention Cosmetic Manufacturers and run various quality control checks, giving your products our upmost care and eye to detail. After the completion and the QC checks of the bulk product, we will begin to fill your containers. Your product will be filled, capped, labeled, coded and sealed all in one line. We will run a QC check again while filling products into secondary packaging. Your products will be packaged into case boxes and labeled for easy identification.

5. Place Your Order With Us & Start Selling

A custom form will be provided by cosmetic manufacturers listing all the details unique to your company which makes it easy to order and reorder as your products. You should expect to receive your first shipment after you have approved your labels and placed your opening order. Typical reorders are 2 weeks plus transit time. There are various options for shipping your products. Shipping can be arranged by you or through our shipping coordinator. Our shipping coordinator will calculate your freight and contact multiple freight companies to get the best shipping quote. After your case packs are ready, we will calculate the final inventory count. Our billing department will adjust your invoice to reflect the final count and include shipping costs. Your distributors may require you to ship products to multiple distribution centers. We can arrange the shipment of your products to multiple distribution centers, providing you with the proper paperwork to present to your distributor. Products shipped overseas will be shipped via one of several ports near the office, including ports in Chicago and New York.

6 Marketing and Training of Products

Our job is not just to ship your product. We want to help you get the most out of your new skin care or body care brand. We as Cosmetic Manufacturers provide product knowledge training to understand how to use and recommend products to carry.

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