Skin Care Cosmetics Contract Manufacturer

Palmist Healthcare is one of the top Skin Care Cosmetics Contract Manufacturer in india, as a market leader in the skincare manufacturing industry, we offers you the best option to create custom skincare product formulations for your brand. Our turn-key process includes formulation, creation, packaging, design, printing and delivery all on-site. We’ve worked with thousands of clients and produced millions of skincare products over the last 25 years.

Oils, creams, serums, gels, ampoules, cleansers, masks, peels, scrubs, and more are among our products. Almost any container, including single unit doses, gallons, and bulk drums, can be filled with products. Our focus is on the success of your skincare line, just as it is with our private label program, and we are committed to exceed your expectations on  every step of the way. With a non-disclosure agreement, we secure our clients’ privacy and preserve your formulas.

  • Product turnaround times are short.
  • Experts in the Field of Skincare
  • On-site packaging showroom and in-house graphic design team
  • Free Product Training & Information


Choosing a skincare product manufacturer is an important stage in the production process, but it will be a simple option after you’ve linked with us. To maximize workflow and reduce waste, we use a Lean Manufacturing Approach throughout the manufacturing process. We make sure that our entire workforce is well-trained, and we use cutting-edge technology to create innovative, professional-grade skincare products.
Every stage of our adaptable production process, including mixing, filling, capping, coding, labelling, safety sealing, packaging, and shipping has been thoroughly examined for maximum efficiency. We’ve been able to save money internally as a result of this approach, which we’ve passed on to our clients.


Your account executive will walk you through our packaging options once your product manufacturing has begun. We offer an entire showroom dedicated to packaging alternatives on site. While it may appear to be a difficult undertaking, we will make it simple for you. Your account executive will assist you in selecting a variety of product packaging alternatives to create a unified and outstanding design after asking a few essential questions about your brand, vision, and budget.
While we offer a wide selection of packing options that are included in the product price, some of the options are considered upgrades and may be subject to a small fee. Your account executive will walk you through the several packaging options available to you.


You’ll tell about your brand now that your new skincare items have been developed and your packaging has been chosen. It’s critical to know who you’re selling to as well as who you are as a business.
While this work may appear daunting, we will guide you through a branding strategy in brief and will ask you simple questions about your company in order to produce a design, is that both appealing to you and your clients.
Here is a link to our Branding & Design Brief.


We’ll start designing your packaging once your branding has been defined, your products have been manufactured, and your packaging has been chosen. This is more than just slapping a logo on a pre-existing label at Palmist Healthcare; it’s a design process that translates your BRAND into your skincare goods.
Our design team can create many variations of your labels for you to study and provide comments on electronically. Our streamlined creative process is both effective and efficient, ensuring you get your project completed as quickly as possible.


Our assistance does not finish after you receive your new skincare items. Our team of knowledgeable specialists will continue to offer you the information and direction you require to market and sell your items effectively. We will give you  the information that you need to be successful in the skincare market, from our online ingredient database to our product brochures and on-staff skincare professionals.
Contact us for additional information on how to get started with contract manufacturing.


Palmist Healthcare, as a global leader in cosmetic product, offers you the option to create specific cosmetic product formulations for your brand. The entire process, including formulation, creation, packaging, design, and shipment, is completed on-site. We’ve worked with thousands of clients and produced millions of cosmetic goods throughout the course of our 25-year journey.
Our products include oils, shampoo, creams, serums, gels, conditioner, moisturizers, toners, face wash, lotion, cleansers, masks, peels, scrubs, and many more. Products can be filled into almost any container, including bottles, tubes, Jar and as per requirement. As with our private label services, we focus on the success of your cosmetic line too, and are committed to exceeding your expectations on every step of the way. We ensure our client’s confidentiality and protect your formulas with a non-disclosure agreement.